The GLOCAL CAFÉ is a unique platform of the I AM A 21st CENTURY LEADER program to enhance youth leadership (high school students). The goal is to help high school students understand what it means and takes to become a leader in today’s 21st century global village. Empowering The Poor defines a 21st Century Leader as a youth who learns, thinks, and acts.

  • LEARN: It encompasses reading, listening to experts, exploring various issues, considering different viewpoints and trying to understand causes and consequences.
  • THINK: What can you do about the issue? Be the change you want to see in the world! Brainstorm with others, weigh pluses and minuses of each idea. Find out what others have done in the past, refine your ideas, share with others…
  • ACT: Take action on the issue(s) you care about. Your voice and actions matter; you do not need to have a college degree, money, or have all the answer. Start with what you know and what you have and others will follow you. Engage peers and utilize resources in the community. Remember, you are a leader!


The GLOCAL CAFÉ brings together:

  • Small group presentations by your peers, guest speakers on issues you care about
  • Service-learning projects, educational field trips, college tours,
  • A timeless voice, knowledge, and opportunity to make a real difference locally and globally.
  • A tremendous networking opportunity with peers across the U.S and around the world, confronting together local and global issues.
  • Community services hours towards your high school diploma and college application

If you care about local and global issues related to poverty, health, economy, environment, democracy, peace, education, homelessness, human trafficking, genocide, human rights…Well, the GLOCAL CAFÉ is for you.                                                                                                                        Start a GLOCAL CAFÉ at your school. It is really easy!

  • Email Darius Coulibaly at to receive a PowerPoint on the Glocal Café and a sample informational flier you could use to invite students at your school.
  • Ask a teacher to sponsor your Glocal Cafe

Here is the list of GLOCAL CAFÉ in Spotsylvania County, Virginia:

  • Chancellor High School Glocal Café
    21 members; sponsors are Mr. Coulibaly (Special Education Teacher, Geometry) & Mrs. Pullano (French Teacher)
  • Massaponax High School Glocal Café
    17 members; sponsor is Mrs. Silvestri (French Teacher)