Empowering the Poor (ETP) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We are a group of passionate and determined creative problem-solvers who combat poverty wherever it exists.

MISSION STATEMENTOur mission defines who we are and sets the standard by which we exist.  To empower economically disadvantaged families and communities to self-reliance through innovative and sustainable self-help initiatives in education, health, and microfinance.

VISION  Empowering The Poor believes that a world without extreme poverty can be achieved through empowerment and not handouts, innovative, and sustainable self-help initiatives. We seek to engage in local and global poverty alleviation efforts, empowering economically disadvantaged families to self-reliance, one community at a time.

VALUESThese are the values that guide us as we work toward our mission and vision.

Service: Empowering the Poor, Inc. (ETP) staff, volunteers, and interns are servants, who are dedicated to serving poor families and communities to self-reliance with dignity. We employ a servant-leadership style as modeled by Jesus Christ. All our leaders use the title of “Servant” and not “Directors” as a constant reminder of who we are and the standards by which we exist.

Professionalism: Empowering the Poor, Inc. (ETP) expects passion, commitment, compassion, innovation, and excellence. ETP is also committed to providing a collaborative and caring work environment for its staff, volunteers, interns, and partners.

Accountability: Empowering the Poor, Inc. (ETP) is committed to responsibility and accountability at all levels, including to and from the poor communities we serve.

Respect: Empowering the Poor, Inc. (ETP) respects and seeks to maintain the cultural identity of the communities we serve. We tailor our projects and programs to their customs and traditions. Similarly, ETP values and respect the cultures, religions, ideas, and opinions of its Board of Directors, advisors, staff-volunteers, partners, and interns.

Stewardship: Empowering the Poor, Inc. (ETP) is committed to being an effective steward of its donors’ resources, applying these resources in ways that will achieve maximum impact. The resources at our disposal are not our own. They are a sacred trust from God through donors on behalf of the poor. We are faithful to the purpose for which those resources are given and manage them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to the poor. We demand of ourselves high standards of professional competence and accept the need to be accountable through appropriate structures for achieving these standards

Partnership: Empowering the Poor, Inc. (ETP) values and strives to develop strong partnerships and collaborations with the private and public sectors, faith-based communities, international institutions, NGO’s, and governmental entities.